Free Response Question
This summative assessment is modeled after an Advanced Placement Environmental Science free response question. A grading rubric is provided to check for student understanding.
The learners will:
  • Define species that are considered Harmful Algal Bloom's(HAB's)
  • Discuss the harmul environmental effects of the HAB
  • Describe adverse health effects of the HAB
  • Describe the potential economic impact of the HAB
1.  Allow a 15 to 30 minute period for the students to complete the FRQ. The students can peer review and edit at the teachers discretion.
2.  The students can then use the rubric to self or peer assess OR the rubric may be used by the teacher to assess student understanding.
State Standards
1.5.2- The student will explain scientific concepts and processes through drawing, writing, and/or oral communication.
1.5.9- The student will communicate conclusions derived through a synthesis of ideas.
3.2.2- The student will conclude that cells exist within a narrow range of environmental conditions and changes to that environment, either naturally occurring or induced, may cause changes in the metabolic activity of the cell or organism.
3.5.4- The student will illustrate how all organisms are part of and depend on two major global food webs that are positively or negatively influenced by human activity and technology.
6.2.1- The student will explain how organisms are linked by the transfer and transformation of matter and energy at the ecosystem level. At least Photosynthesis/respiration Producers, consumers, decomposers Trophic levels Pyramid of energy/pyramid of biomass
6.2.2- The student will explain why interrelationships & interdependencies of organisms contribute to the dynamics of ecosystems. At least Interspecific and intraspecific competition Niche Cycling of materials among organisms Equilibrium/cyclic fluctuations Dynamics of disturbance and recovery Succession: aquatic and terrestrial
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