Grass Here, Grass There, Grass Everywhere!
Using their lab experience, students will reproduce Redhead Grass (Pp) and Sago Pond Weed (Sp). This is a very important assignment because there is a need for SAV in our rivers and streams. Remember, SAV is very important to aquatic vegetation in our waters.
Students will reproduce the SAV, Redhead Grass ( Potemogetan perfoliatus) and Sago Pond Weed ( Stucknia pectinata), as a class in order to transport to a nearby body of water.

*In your area if there are other SAV available that are important try to work with those and the local department of natural resources and university.
a number of growing pans tubers or seeds from Pp and Sp
a willing class that will swim (if needed)
1.) Let students know that they will be using what they learned from the Propagation experiment.
2.) Remind or review with them the importance of SAV in our waters.
3.) Have students prepare for reproduction of plants.
4.) Obtain tubers or seedlings from sample plants from the propagation experiment.
5.) It is important that the students get the tubers from that experiment because it seaks to the uniqueness of SAV.
6.) Allow growth process to continue over several weeks.
7.) When done, schedule a trip with an organization that will show the class how to plant the SAV and where. Also note that teachers are to look up an organization that specializes in \"grasses in classes\" or other programs.
State Standards
1.3.1- The student will develop and demonstrate skills in using lab and field equipment to perform investigative techniques.(NTB)
1.3.2- The student will recognize safe laboratory procedures.
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