Field Trip
Students visit the Chesapeake Bay to sample the local fauna.

Students will be able to identify the needs of specific fauna in the Bay.
Seine nets
Magnifying glasses
Large and small containers-look through your recycling bin
Creature Id cards
Pencil box with pencils
Paper for creating charts
Basic water testing kit
Salinity testing kit
Take students to various locations on the Bay.  Use nets/seine nets to sample the local fauna.  Identify creatures collected and photograph for use in "creature bio."  Perform tests on water samples.  Record all information.

After returning to the classroom, have students use information gathered to create "Creature Bios."  Each bio should have a picture and basis information about the creature's needs.
State Standards
1.1.2- The student will modify or affirm scientific ideas according to accumulated evidence.
1.3.1- The student will develop and demonstrate skills in using lab and field equipment to perform investigative techniques.(NTB)
1.3.4- The student will learn the use of new instruments and equipment by following instructions in a manual or from oral direction.(NTB)
1.4.1- The student will organize data appropriately using techniques such as tables, graphs, and webs (for graphs: axes labeled with appropriate quantities, appropriate units on axes, axes labeled with appropriate intervals, independent and dependent variables on correct axes, appropriate title).
Lesson Resources