Map it Out!
Get familiar with your local environment and the area around you.
Identify plant adaptations of peatlands.
Design a fair test that investigates the variables that affect plant growth.
Explain how other peatland organisms depend on sphagnum.
Identify how plants can influence environmental conditions.
Blank map of Garrett County, MD, or other map from your region
pencil or pen
1.  On the outline map of Garrett County, label the following areas (as indicated by ): recreational areas (state parks), state forests and wildlife refuge, major bodies of water, and peatlands (Cranesville Swamp, Finzel Swamp, The Glades)
2.  Or, provide students with a blank county or district map to label similar areas with a .
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State Standards
1.4.2- The student will analyze data to make predictions, decisions, or draw conclusions.
1.5.2- The student will explain scientific concepts and processes through drawing, writing, and/or oral communication.
6.3.3- The student will evaluate the interrelationship between humans and land resources. At least wetlands soil conservation mining solid waste management land use planning human health
6.3.5- The student will evaluate the interrelationship between humans and energy resources. At least renewable nonrenewable human health
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