Evaluation - Post Lab Evaluation
The students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of changes in the field of vision when they use a microscope.  They will demonstrate knowledge of photosynthesis organelles and components, and movement apparatus of microscopic organisms.
Students will demonstrate knowledge of microscope use, changes in field of vision, measurement, photosynthesis organelles and components, and organism movement apparatus.
1.  Post Lab Evaluation Worksheet will be completed by students.  This can be an individual or group exercise.
2.  Discussion of the results wil be used to examine how various water quality impacts the organisms that live in the water and how that relates to water quality issues.

State Standards
1.1.2- The student will modify or affirm scientific ideas according to accumulated evidence.
1.2.7- The student will use relationships discovered in the lab to explain phenomena observed outside the laboratory.
1.3.1- The student will develop and demonstrate skills in using lab and field equipment to perform investigative techniques.(NTB)
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