DGGE in Medical Field
DGGE is a technology that is used also in detecting mutation in human cells that causes genetic diseases. The students will search an article or journal discussing the application of DGGE in detecting genetic disorder. In the written report, the student should discuss: 1. How the DGGE technique is used to determine the mutation. They can illustrate using a diagram or chart. 2. The accuracy of the technique in detecting the genetic disorder.
1. The student will learn other applications of DGGE technology. 2. The students will lean to summarize technical report. 3. The students will learn to analyze scientific and technical report.
The students will research applications of DGGE and DNA sequencing in medical field such as detection of mutation and write a written report.
State Standards
1.1.2- The student will modify or affirm scientific ideas according to accumulated evidence.
1.2.7- The student will use relationships discovered in the lab to explain phenomena observed outside the laboratory.
1.4.1- The student will organize data appropriately using techniques such as tables, graphs, and webs (for graphs: axes labeled with appropriate quantities, appropriate units on axes, axes labeled with appropriate intervals, independent and dependent variables on correct axes, appropriate title).
1.4.2- The student will analyze data to make predictions, decisions, or draw conclusions.
1.4.3- The student will use experimental data from various investigators to validate results.
1.4.4- The student will determine the relationships between quantities and develop the mathematical model that describes these relationships.
1.4.5- The student will check graphs to determine that they do not misrepresent results.
1.7.6- The student will explain how development of scientific knowledge leads to the creation of new technology and how technological advances allow for additional scientific accomplishments.
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