Making an Algae Bloom
Students will perform an experiment that models how algae grows in a marine environment. It will involve a variety of science skills and processes that will allow then to think like a scientist.  The experiment will allow students to form simple procedures, hypothesize,analyze, observe and draw conclusions about those things that affect the water of the Inner Harbor.
Students will:
1. conduct an experiment using various science skills and processes.
2. perform an experiment that stimulates how algae affects the conditions of the Inner Harbor.
beakers, water, scale , charts, algal culture, plastic containers, light source, eye droppers, pippettes. plant fertilizer, foil ,scale
Making an Algae Bloom
Prelab Question: Can algae grow if optimal abiotic condtions are present?
1. Divide the students into small groups of four.
2. Provide groups with listed materials.
3. Label each contianer - Container #1- Nutrients and Container # 2- Control
4. Measure 500 ml of water and add to each container.
5. Add five drops of algal culture to each container.
6. Cover container labeled "Control" with a piece of foil.
7. Add five drops of liquid fertilizer to nurtient container.
8. Cover container labeled "Nutrients" with a piece of foil.
9. Place both containers in a sunny window for light exposure and temperature. ( The same areas assures that the abiotic factors are the same.)
10. Make observations dail for one week and record on data table. (See Attached)
Lab Report
Using the Lab Report Template complete your lab report.  Make sure your lab report includes the following:
  • Observations (  colorful pictures, drawings, detailed description of what you seen)


BSCS The Human Approach to Biology
State Standards
1.1.1- The student will recognize that real problems have more than one solution and decisions to accept one solution over another are made on the basis of many issues.
1.2.1- The student will identify meaningful, answerable scientific questions.
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